Non Verbal Customer Service

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You know I was in a store the other day and I saw a cashier help a lady that was trying to get a big package of water from under her cart. She told the lady, ” I can help you with that”. It made be start thinking about how you could perform customer service by not even saying a word.

I think some of the non verbal gestures go a long way. Here are just a few of the non verbal gestures that might exhibit good customer service.


  • A friendly wave  to motion the customer come to your open line.
  • A nice hand shake with a pat on the back.
  • A simile
  • A nod of the head showing approval.
  • A helping hand (have you ever helped a customer load some of their groceries on the belt when they have a cart full!)
  • The thumbs up.  (2 thumbs up if you a giving great customer service)


Those are just a few of the non verbal customer service gestures that could really make the customer feel real important.

What are some of your non verbals that exhibits great customer service?

customer service is real….

Author: dbeaumont16

Known for delivering outstanding customer support to clients, David Beaumont is a knowledge seeker and results driven visionary who builds relationships with clients and peers by aiding the end-user through training and development tasks. David is a qualified support professional, HDI Certified and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from The Ohio State University. He has more than 15 years of experience in customer service, EDI and client support. You can follow him on Twitter @dbeaumont266 or feel free to comment on his blog: You can also connect with him via LinkedIn:

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