Take a look at a good experience


The middle part of January 2014 we had some really bad winter weather. Temperatures with the wind chill in some areas were -30 degrees. Columbus, Ohio was one of those locations which is where I live. I went out to start my car so it could warm up and I could make my way into work. Much to my dismay my car when I turned the key made the infamous “click click click” sound. This let me know that I would not be making it into work that day. Fortunately, I have the ability to work from home. So, I set up shop an started my day. I called my roadside assistance to see if it would be possible for someone to come out and jump my car. Well, I was taking a chance as the mileage on my car at 86k was over the mileage for roadside to come and service the vehicle. Well, I thought I would give it a shot. What was the worse that could happen? I was delighted to hear that road side would be out to service my car by 3:30pm. I called them at 9:00am.

No worries I told the man on the other end. I was working from home. So, I could wait. I was very happy to receive a call on my phone letting me know that roadside was in front of my house ready to service my vehicle. They arrived at noon. All was good, my car started right up once he put the jumper cables on. He told me to let the car run for 30 minutes to warm up. I let it run for an hour and 30 minutes! I guess I wanted to be sure it started back up.

So, a couple of things related to the good customer service I felt was delivered.

Just a couple of points:

  • Roadside was able to service me even though my mileage was past the serviceable mileage amount . They realized I was a loyal customer and they wanted to do the right thing by the customer.
  • Roadside assistance told be 3:30 pm before they could get to me. The arrived at noon to take care of me. They delivered on the promise and bettered my expiration.

So, to add to my experience. A few days later I received the following letter that you see below (click the customer service link). Mind you, I was not upset, displeased, angry at my roadside service, nor did I even ask to have a letter sent out. I was extremely satisfied  that they met my need. The letter was icing on the cake because the company was able to anticipate based on the series of events how the customer may have felt after enduring a situation that may have been similar to mine. The fact that they took the time to send a letter made me feel important as a customer and it let me know that the roadside company understood how I might have felt.

This in my opinion is one way you can deliver that experience to your customer. I hope the roadside service company keeps on delivering. I’m sure their customers appreciate them.


Author: dbeaumont16

Known for delivering outstanding customer support to clients, David Beaumont is a knowledge seeker and results driven visionary who builds relationships with clients and peers by aiding the end-user through training and development tasks. David is a qualified support professional, HDI Certified and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from The Ohio State University. He has more than 15 years of experience in customer service, EDI and client support. You can follow him on Twitter @dbeaumont266 or feel free to comment on his blog: https://customerserviceisreal.wordpress.com. You can also connect with him via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-beaumont-9299b46/

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