Customer service the right way.

You know sometimes you have a bad customer service experience and you tell the whole world about it. How many times do you tell when you have a great experience? Well, I have one for you. I have a pair of Stacy Adams shoes that I hardly ever wear.  So, one evening I went out and I put the shoes on. When I returned home and started to put my shoes away. I noticed that the sole of the shoe was coming apart.



I didn’t think much about it because I had the shoes for some time. Well, I started thinking. I have not worn the shoes hardly at all. I really didn’t get my wear out of them. I wondered if I contacted Stacy Adams what they would say and how they would address my situation. I initially reached out to them on Facebook by sending an inbox message. The responded a couple of days later and advised me to contact their customer service number and they provided that number to me. When I called, the woman was so nice she said that she would send an email to me so that I could describe the problem and they would go from there.  I received the email while I was on the phone with her.  I completed the form and sent it in with the accompanying pictures to show what happened.

Well, about a week later I received an email stating that they no longer carried that style of shoe, (Sad Face) but that I could request a complementary pair of Stacy Adams shoes. All I had to do was go to their website and pick out the shoes! Wow, I was not only happy about the fact that they listened and understood. They made the situation right. I picked out 3 different pairs that I liked as I could not decide on which pair or remember the exact price I paid for them. I thought it would be ok for them to pick the pair and send me the choice as I liked them all. I emailed my request over.

About another week went by. They emailed me, told me that my order was being processed and would be on the way. I could not believe it. Well, lo and behold in the mail today I received a fresh new pair of Stacy Adams! (Happy Face)


So a big kudos to Stacy Adams for going the extra mile and providing the customer with an above the top experience that I will not forget. So, if you have a great customer experience that you have received you should talk about it share it and let that company know how well they did. I think it goes a long way when they can hear about a positive outcome.

Tell me about your great customer experience.


Author: dbeaumont16

Known for delivering outstanding customer support to clients, David Beaumont is a knowledge seeker and results driven visionary who builds relationships with clients and peers by aiding the end-user through training and development tasks. David is a qualified support professional, HDI Certified and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance from The Ohio State University. He has more than 15 years of experience in customer service, EDI and client support. You can follow him on Twitter @dbeaumont266 or feel free to comment on his blog: You can also connect with him via LinkedIn:

One thought on “Customer service the right way.”

  1. That’s awesome. It’s sad the relationship between company and customer has such a big imaginary line between them. A good company should want to hear concerns / complaints about their product. If they don’t, they can’t make it right. When someone does something like that, you know what shoe you are going to look at next time you need a pair, Stacy Adams. (Assuming the next pair doesn’t do the same thing….)


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